Sandra bullock found in the person of Brian Randall is the perfect boyfriend

Сандра Буллок нашла в лице Брайана Рэндалла идеального бойфренда
Randall helped the actress to forget her nightmarish divorce.

Sandra bullock and her boyfriend Brian Randall

The inhabitants of the town of Jackson hole have become unwitting witnesses
newfound family happiness Sandra bullock. 52-year-old actress, who recently
finished shooting the movie “8 friends of Oushena”, recently arrived in Wyoming. She came here with her boyfriend Brian
Randall, as well as with foster children Lyla and Louis, to rest after
hard work. It would seem that they did not do anything special just walked around
and went shopping, but Sandra looked at this, happy as ever.
Incidentally, the children were satisfied with nothing less, especially after all
the company looked at the local toy store where they went not with

As told one of the friends bullock,
all the bridesmaids actress just can’t get enough of looking at Sandra. Brian
who started Dating an actress a couple of years ago, managed to return to the face
actress smile. When her affair with Randall was just beginning, he was in
very depressed, she could not recover after
a scandalous divorce with Jesse James. Jess, whose face she like
it seemed to Sandra, found a companion for life, cruelly deceived her
trust. As it turned out, he constantly cheated on bullock with different kinds of
questionable girls. And when one of them decided to speak publicly about his “novel”,
and then they discover other stories and all this was actively discussed in the press, Sandra
felt cheated and humiliated…

Fortunately, now all this behind.
Randall was able not only to comfort bullock, but actually became a great father
for Louis and Lyla. And although Brian practically became her civil partner
to make the relationship with him she is not in a hurry — failed marriage actress
left too painful memories.