Sandra bullock decided to adopt another child

Сандра Буллок решила усыновить еще одного ребенка
The actress is preparing to become a mother for the third time.

Сандра Буллок решила усыновить еще одного ребенка

Sandra bullock with Brian Randall


Children of Sandra bullock Louis and Lyla


53-year-old Sandra bullock
close to completion of the adoption process. For the first time that the actress has launched
this process became known last fall. And now in her house soon
there will be another child.

Sandra had already informed to become a foster mother of two children, son Louis and
daughter Lila, who she is raising along with her boyfriend Brian
Randall. Louis, the actress has decided to adopt even when I was married to Jess
James. But after Jesse was caught cheating and she kicked him out
his house, bullock completed the adoption of a baby, born
shortly before this, already one. It happened in January 2010, And five years later
Sandra gave Louis a sister, adopt Layla — she was already three
year. Now bullock want to adopt another child already in conjunction with
Randall. In fact, this is logical, because Brian actually became a father
for Louis and Lyla. All the family most of the year living in a house belonging to
Bullock, in Wyoming.

Sandra, however, has so far refused to confirm the fact of adoption
third child. However, it does not mean anything. After the collapse of his marriage
with James, bullock has become very secretive. She tries to disclose how
less information about themselves and their families. So, in the fall of 2015 it officially
denied reports that soon it will have a second foster child.
However, less than a month, as it became known that the actress has adopted Lila…