Сандра Буллок раздумала выходить замуж за своего бойфренда
The actress doesn’t want to relive the family drama.

Sandra bullock and her boyfriend Brian Randall

As it became known, Sandra bullock has postponed the wedding with
her boyfriend Brian Randall for an indefinite period. Some time
ago overseas press reported that Sandra was going to become the lawful wife
Randall. However, as described in the publication National Enquirer friend
singer, actress began seriously to doubt the correctness of his adopted
informed decisions.

According to friend Sandra bullock longer than
living with Brian, the more she, to his horror, begins to realize how Randall
similar to her previous spouse Jesse James. Of course, the actress could not
notice that Brian is clearly reminiscent of jessa , but she thought it was only
external similarity. But over time, bullock began to realize that Randall is similar to
James and character, and temperament. And as for Jess she survived
real drama – when I learned that James repeatedly cheated on his wife,
Bullock began to fear that history could repeat itself.

Sandra and Brian, who contends in the model
business and makes a parallel career as a photographer, started Dating in June
last year. The first time Sandra has to hide her new romance. But since October,
when the lovers are allowed for the first time yourself to lunch in Los Angeles
the restaurant, she began appearing with him in public. And then events began
develop rapidly: Randall settled in the house of the actress, and then began
walking persistent rumors that soon the lovers get married. But now no one
knows when we can expect the announcement of the coming marriage, and whether held
it at all.

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