Sandra Bullock and Brian Randall are getting married in the utmost secrecy

Сандра Баллок и Брайан Рэндалл поженятся в атмосфере строжайшей секретности

The star of the Hollywood movie Sandra Bullock afraid to frighten happiness, because talking about it in the last time very little. As you know, happiness likes silence. That actress is silent, so as long as possible to enjoy this wonderful feeling. But Sandra is happy to communicate with the press, her friends who did not hide the joy for her friend, noted that it seems she finally found a man that was always looking for.

Their relationship Bullock and photographer Brian Randall started a year ago. after only a few months the couple decided that they are ready to live together and settled under one roof.

That’s just what married while Sandra and Brian in no rush. These two friends say that the stamp in the passport for them is not so important as they already feel like a single cell of the society: “Considering how much time they spend with each other and how the relate to each other, we can assume that they are already married. Their relationship is very strong. Family and children are for Sandra in the first place, Brian shares these values. They are soul mates who understand and respect each other.”

If the wedding will take place, tell friends, it is likely that it will be very personal and private ceremony, which almost nobody knows, “eventually they’ll get married and when the wedding happens, it will be held in the utmost secrecy. Life Sandra’s already been exposed in the past marriage. She didn’t want that. Brian respects her decision.”