Samoilov will participate in the Eurovision song contest, without entering the territory of Ukraine

Самойлова примет участие в Евровидении, не въезжая на территорию Украины

Julia Samoylova has to take part in the international music contest “Eurovision -2017”, but in Kyiv for this will not go. European telebase went to meet the participant from the Russian Federation and decided to allow the girl to speak remotely.

The European broadcasting Union, which owns the brand name of “Eurovision”, was disappointed with the decision of Ukrainian authorities to ban the Russian contestant, especially the disabled-kolyasochnika, entry into the country, but to respect the laws of a foreign country they have committed themselves and therefore to reverse this decision can’t. As it became known, the organizers did Yulia unprecedented offer to play remotely via live webcast. This is the first such case in the history of the competition. Do not give up hope in the European broadcasting Union and that the Ukrainian authorities have mercy on Julia and let her come to the contest in Kyiv.

“We continue to engage in dialogue with the Ukrainian government. It is very important that the Eurovision song contest remains free from politics as such,” — said the chief supervisor of the contest Jon Ola sand.
Recall that the semi-finals of “Eurovision-2017” will take place on 9 may and 11 may, the final on 13 may.