Samoilov, Kirkorov, Pugacheva: the most high-profile failures of Russia at “Eurovision”

Самойлова, Киркоров, Пугачева: самые громкие провалы России на «Евровидении» As artists from our country tried to win the hearts of viewers and listeners this part of the world. “StarHit” he remembered the speeches of the celebrities who represented Russia for 24 years of participation in the song contest.

10 may took place the second semi-final of song contest “Eurovision”. This time he goes in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Our country was represented by Yulia Samoilova. For girls, confined to a wheelchair, participated in such large-scale competition has been a miracle, after all, fulfilled her dream. Moreover, the artist longed to see the ocean, and therefore grateful to the organizers that it was selected to represent Russia at this contest.

However, now after going home – finale on may 12 will take place without its participation. Artist are unable to recruit a sufficient number of points, and therefore not included in the top ten to your day of the contest. From the frustration of the singer cried but rallied and thanked the fans and viewers who supported it.

Julia Samoylova became known to the General public after the show on the TV channel “Russia 1” “factor a”, where the teacher was Alla Pugacheva. Diva supported the girl since childhood, uses a wheelchair, but after one of her performances, even received a standing ovation.

Itself Alla Pugacheva too has participated in the Eurovision song contest in 1997, the year with the song “Diva.” Despite the fact that the singer had incredible success in the former Soviet space, in Europe, it failed to make a splash. In Dublin, the artist took only 15-th place with 33 points (this was the final format of the semi-finals then not used).

In the two years prior to that, Philip was the beginning of Russia’s participation in the Eurovision song contest. However, the result of our country before yesterday’s speech of Yulia Samoilova was the worst 17th place. The king of the domestic pop scene like the prima Donna, singing in Russian song “lullaby for the volcano”. Despite the strong vocals, he has not impressed the European public, which did not appreciate his talent. Interestingly, in that year, each member sang in the language of their country.

One of the worst results of the “Eurovision” from Russia showed Alexei Vorobyov. In 2011, he went to Dusseldorf, where he took 16 th place. The room with the luminous letters of the name of the musician has not caused interest among the audience of the continent.

A graduate of the 5th “factory of stars” Natalia Podolsky represented Russia in 2005, a few months after the end of the project. She went to Kiev with the song Nobody Hurt No One but made it to 15th position. And then the semi-finals have already been practiced. But the rules those years the participating countries which entered the top 12 participants of the previous year were exempted from the semi-finals, but because they never had to experience the double stress.

Another ex-” “star factory “participant” Julia Savicheva in 2004, took 11 th place with the song “Believe Me”. During the performance one of the dancers (and they were smeared with paint of different colors) touched the artist, soiled it, and then the girl with the stain on hand continued to be ka if nothing had happened.

The same result has been achieved and the winner of the 7th “American idol” Anastasia Prikhodko. She performed the song Konstantin Meladze “Mamo” in Russian and Ukrainian languages, speaking in Moscow after Dima Bilan’s triumph. On the big screen was running a computer program that gradually “old” singer – by the end of the speech, she turned into a grandma.

In 11th place was and the group of Peter Nalich with a sad song Lost and Forgotten. The choice of this artist for the “Eurovision” was quite unexpected, because the artist was not very popular with the General public, and now rarely makes itself felt.

On 12-th place in 2001 “stuck” popular in that time, the team “mummy Troll”. Though he has brought our country to the top ten, but still couldn’t conquer Europe.