Самбурская с возлюбленным намерены усыновить малыша The actress and the musician are going to create a family. First child Nastasya Samburski and Alexander Ivanov want to take from the orphanage. Their children they do not plan to, so as not to interrupt a career.

      Самбурская с возлюбленным намерены усыновить малыша

      The news that the star of TV series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski has an affair with a young musician Alexander Ivanov, was very surprised by all fans of the actress. Many even suspected that she decided to just make a joke about his personal life, but after a while all were convinced of the sincerity of their feelings. Despite the fact that romantic relationship between Samburski and Ivanov do not last so long, the lovers are already making ambitious plans and started to dream about children.

      “In General, my first child, I want to take from the orphanage, and my man is unique because he agrees. Usually everyone says, “I’m not going to raise someone else’s children”. I understand that I have the opportunity to give the child a chance at a normal existence,” said the actress.

      Apart from shot – to get the big house would be enough space for all future members of her large family. Samburski happy that I met a man who understands and supports her in everything. Especially important for a shot that Alexander had fully supported her plans to adopt a baby.

      “But to give birth I’m not ready yet, because I don’t want to leave acting clips. So while going to adopt, I want to take about year-old child”, – shared her plans the actress.

      I must say that now and Samburski, and her choice Ivanov, completely immersed in the work. Nastasia continues to appear in popular TV series “Univer” and play in the theater, and Alexander is preparing to perform at the song contest “Eurovision”, where he represents Belarus. Judging by their combined numerous images that regularly appear in the microblog actress, she is now truly happy, because beside her loving man. The secular parties, too pair goes together. It is noteworthy that met young people thanks to the Internet. After the communication in the Network, Ivanov decided to come to Moscow and came to the show to Samburski. After this meeting, they will not leave. As for the addition to the family of young artists, then they rely completely on the case. The lovers are unsure of who prefer – boy or girl.

      “We thought long and hard about it with Sasha and decided that we would come, see and understand everything on the spot. The child must choose one of us, and it will be a boy or a girl, is not so important,” said Nastasia, in an interview with the magazine “OK”.

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