Samburski went blonde and regretted

Самбурская перекрасилась в блондинку и пожалела

The actress first cut her hair short, and now changed her hair color.

The former star of “Uni” Nastasya Samburski never ceases to amaze! And this time it is not a t-shirt Tarasova posted poironizirovat over breakup guys. And just changed the hairstyle and hair color, but the excitement in the network is caused is not less. Fans immediately began to wonder: what has caused a sudden transformation into a blonde?

“Girls, you often ask me what is the color of my paint. “The Abkhaz dried apricots,” he called,” laughed Samburski, laid out well with a new honey hair color.

It seems that this effect is from the paint Samburski and she did not expect. And even in the photo could not hide either fear, or surprise. But fans rushed to reassure Cindy. Like, it looks great.

“Beautiful,” “You’re good with that color”, “Well, finally you’re with us. Blondes” – they wrote.

However, this is not the first transformation Samburski over the past few weeks. She recently cut long hair and have boasted a short haircut at the event, Muz.

Meanwhile, hair color changed, and Olga Buzova. The most famous blonde of Moscow suddenly dyed her hair brown. But with Olga, everything is clear: divorce and desire for change. And Nastasia what?

Which way is more suitable Samburski?

  • Самбурская перекрасилась в блондинку и пожалела
  • Самбурская перекрасилась в блондинку и пожалела