Samburski tired that she is credited novels with someone else’s husband

Самбурская устала, что ей приписывают романы с чужими мужьями

And spoke out to all his detractors.

Nastasya Samburski became famous throughout the country due to the role of Christine Sokolowski in the TV series “Univer”. And, more often than not talking about her as an actress. Name Samburski has long been synonymous with star scandal.

Six months ago she was thought to have an affair with a minor, last summer, was accused that she stood between the couple Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov, and again hung the stigma of adulterer’s just the other day. This time because of a comic picture – actress was involved in the divorce process Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov…

Journalists relish sensational details, indignant fans, and detractors to let go of sarcastic comments. And it would seem, Nastasia should have been happy struck her wave of popularity. But in the personal microblog actress in Instagram appeared an angry post.

“I realize that turned into a market-woman, engaging in perpetual skirmishes with people who have special intelligence and talents does not differ, only the talent to spew crap. Well I was in competition with people who sleeker obgadit. I began to play, they told me the number and elegance of artistic humiliation began to beat at times. By nature I am sensitive and take everything to heart. And these ghouls sitting there just waiting when I will once again stumble if only to gloat. I’m sick degenerate into a society of sick, wounded and offended by life. I sympathize with all of them. I look forward to more great things, I want to be better”, – shared her emotions with Nastasia.

Later, journalists asked the actress for her comments.

“I’m sick degenerate into a society of sick, wounded and offended by life, said the actress, writing Sorry to all of them. I expect great things, I want to be better.”

As you can see, not clarified. But as they say, we get the gist.