Samburski scandal the Drobysh because of the “New American idol”

Самбурская устроила скандал Дробышу из-за «Новой Фабрики звезд» The aspiring singer posted on Instagram a funny video with the participation of the producer. If the actress is trying to impress Viktor Yakovlevich vocal. Fans liked the funny movie.
Самбурская устроила скандал Дробышу из-за «Новой Фабрики звезд»

Nastasya Samburski recently partnered with Victor Drobysh and career of the singer. Now, however, a well-known producer jumped in on the “New star Factory”, which did not suit his pupils.

Jokes Sobchak and concerns Drobysh: what to expect from the concert-opening “the New idol”

So, Samburski posted a funny video during which he runs into the office to Viktor Yakovlevich and tries to impress him by singing his song “In the smithy”. However, she misses notes, and the producer is shocked by the sudden vocal number.

“Viktor Jakovlevich Drobysh got “Instagram” and “New factory of stars” on the channel Muz TV. So my heart settled and progrelas rat-jealousy” – eloquently signed movie actress.

Fans nastasi was delighted by what he saw, because they have long been accustomed to very specific sense of humor of a popular actress. “She’s so crazy, but it’s cool”, “Samburski as always burns! Incredibly charismatic girl”, “I Created a mood for the whole day, laughed to tears,” commented the movie fans of the girls.

Victor Drobysh was unable to ignore the violent reaction of his artist, and also shared a funny video on Instagram.

“Well, that’s the first reaction my artists to the “New idol.” Remains me this Sunday afternoon to sit quietly and wait for the EHA with an axe come running, or Glory with a grenade”, signed post Viktor Yakovlevich.

The opening concert of the “New idol” took place on September 2. Musical show, the audience was introduced to the 16 participants that in the next four months will compete for the title of winner. In addition, fans saw several bright rooms with participation of stars of domestic show-business.

Earlier Victor Drobysh has admitted that he feels some apprehension about working with young artists. “They are now the most important thing is not to waste precious time eating, talking, bickering and feelings, and to hear all the important and necessary from me, take something from other artists and neighbors in the big house,” said the producer.

Many fans of “American idol” came to the conclusion that the organizers of the project managed to select a really bright and interesting contestants. However, in their view, young artists have a lot to learn in order to take their place on the musical Olympus.