Samburski of PR and Belarusian, and the wolf for the money

Самбурская пиарила и белоруса, и волка за деньги

The star of “Univer” a scandal in his own microblog.

Artists included in the three finalists of the popular music contest “Eurovision 2016”, it seems, are themselves not happy. The Australian was lucky: he lives far away, and evil tongues not so easy to reach her. And here Sergey Lazarev and Jamal was at the center of the scandal.

Around and then scream about the results of voting, unfair judges, the petitions… pour Oil on the fire, and fellow artists.

The representatives of the Ukrainian TV channel say they will refuse to participate in the contest in case of victory the Russians, members of Parliament make a Declaration that the competition in 2017, the year can only get artist, whose candidacy will suit the square…

Russian officials have until recently tried not to get into conflict, but the Cup of patience was exhausted very quickly. And now Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin joked in his “Twitter”, they say, let’s send in Kyiv Cord. It is precisely the offense will not be given (read more HERE).

The farther into the forest, the more wood! And now all and Sundry are trying if not PR, then at least to make a joke on the topic of the day.

Here is the star of “Uni” Nastasya Samburski could not resist and laid out in his microblog in Instagram post well, just a sensational statement! The actress admitted that her beloved PR, participant of “Eurovision 2016” from Belarus, Alexander Ivanov, for the money!

“Another scandalous history of show business. You can clearly see how the 49-year-old Victor Drobysh (producer Alexander Ivanov. — Approx. ed.) reports 29-year-old Nastassja Samburski the fees for PR artist from Belarus, 21-year-old Alexander Ivanov, known under the pseudonym Ivan, – has left a signature under video actress. — Nothing to add. A glaring case. Prepared a petition for the expulsion of the artist from the country music leanings to ethnic music.”

Needless to say that fans of a single word of his idol did not believe. Jokes Nastasia. And who’s there to understand? Especially because just two days ago the lovers were posted on social networks pictures from Stockholm. Both looked very happy. What’s the PR?

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