Samburski friend made fun of her new video

Подруга Самбурской высмеяла ее новый клип The model posted a video in which the parody depicts the actress in her new video for the song “Bad boys”. She decided to play a joke on a star, appearing in the image, who created the star of “Univer” for his musical compositions.

      Fans Nastasya Samburski is well known that with model Mary Monogarovo it are connected by strong friendship. They both periodically share with subscribers staff for a joint holiday. Girls often publish short Comedy videos that make fun of a particular situation. At this time the model is not spared the very Nastasia. She recorded a video in which, while lying in the bath, singing the song “Bad boys”. Fans of stars easily determined that Monogarova parodies friend. After all, she was trying to imitate movements and facial expressions, which was present in the clip actress.

      Maria Monogarova confessed that he used in his video strand of blue hair, which is now Samburski, after which she came up with the idea to create his own version of the video released yesterday. During recording, the girl admits that it was difficult to fully convey movement nastasi, because she, in her confession, she is a strong girl, and so easily cope with physical exertion. Many members appreciated the joke of the blogger, noting that I do not see this izdatelstva, but on the contrary, a great way to promote the clip, an aspiring singer.

      Nastasya Samburski showed their “Bad boys”

      “Like this version more!” “I had another shirt to wear”, “Leg in the frame very hilarious”, “Just laughs, friends do that”, – I wrote to the followers in Instagram Mary.

      The culprit roller Nastasya Samburski, apparently, imbued with the irony of a friend and even left a comment under the video. “Mermaid Mary” – wrote the artist. Among the subscribers of the model, however, there were those who felt that Monogarova mocks the star and began to ask the girl how well skladyvayutsya relationship between two friends. Netizens have taken to reassure others that it’s a joke that is not intended to hurt the feelings of the actress.

      Recall that last Saturday, Samburski posted in sharing the debut video for the new song. And two weeks earlier she performed with this song at the ice Palace in St. Petersburg and then in Moscow. Then the girl did not hide that is very upset, as listeners will meet her work. But, contrary to expectations, the artist has pleased the fans, and they hoped soon to hear and see something unexpected. For followers Nastasia it is important that she continued to improve and delight them with their creativity. Nastasya Samburski has experienced a serious shock