Samburski and Elena helped the pensioner to speak again

Самбурская и Ваенга помогли пенсионеру вновь начать говорить Accidentally stumbled on social networks for the tragic story of Valery Bryzgalova, resident in Ivanovo region, Russian actress and singer, could not stay indifferent.
Самбурская и Ваенга помогли пенсионеру вновь начать говорить

Two years ago the man was diagnosed with throat cancer, after a few months of treatment, the larynx had to be removed completely. The head of the family, the father of two children lost the ability to talk, work, and in return acquired a permanent disability and the minimum pension.

“I dreamed of a voice-producing apparatus, but such payments from the state, save for it was virtually no chance. With the work for cripples in our village is very tight, and the children too, Teens, non-self,” – says Valery.

Almost all of the money the family has spent for treatment and medicines, selling everything you can. After the surgery, the man for some time fed through a tube inserted in the nose. Bryzgalov created a page on Instagram and asked for help.

“The first written Nastasya Samburski, – continues Valery. First I decided to check not fake if I wanted to talk on the phone. But, apparently, did not realize that I am absolutely unable to speak. I sent her a photo and a video where I confirm the identity. A little later they saw me and Elena. She asked what city I live, if I have a wife, and also said the cost of the necessary equipment.”

Then the actress got in touch among themselves and divided the cost of the machine – 70 thousand rubles. Few weeks he was taken to the village Parsky. The first words which the man uttered through the present celebrities were: “Nastya, Lena, thank you!”