Samburski admitted that to help the shelters much easier than sick children

Самбурская призналась, что помогать приютам гораздо легче, чем больным детям The actress said that once came to the Fund Chulpan Khamatova “give life”, but seeing young patients with cancer, immediately ran away. Now she transfers the money to the animal shelters.

The star of “Univer” Nastasya Samburski shared that the meeting with children who suffer from cancer, was given her very hard. The artist literally in hysterics left the Fund. According to the actress, after this visit, she decided to provide financial support to shelters for our brothers.

“Basically, all the actors save the children. And I realized that I can’t do that, because there must be present: you need to come and watch, chat. And it really hurts to see this. When I came to the Fund Chulpan Khamatova “give life”, understood that they were going to cancer kids, on the road four times he stopped crying. Came like going, and then the boy takes my hand – small, with inflated belly, with a catheter… I can’t hold back the tears, I’m going to the toilet, wash up, and bring myself up come and realize that all I need to run faster” – confessed the actress.

According to Samburski, contact with animals much easier. The personal presence for the charity in these cases is optional, you can simply transfer money into the account. The actress asked fans to give her performances in lieu of flowers feed. “Until now, the audience bring, I put it at the service entrance, the volunteers arrive and take”, – said Nastasya.

The actress said that since her character prevail male traits that she considers a huge plus, and these qualities helped her cope with life’s difficulties. “I grew up an ugly duckling with a complex character: almost no one spoke, not loved people and loved to command. Actually, that’s all. Friends I had few, but those that were, I obeyed,” recalled the actress.

Samburski has shared plans for the future – until she is ready to have children. Today’s career takes the first place in the life of the artist.

“I love that I work that have the ability to choose: you can spend crazy money and don’t prefer to spend. But the main thing – I do it myself. Nobody is forced to leave husbands and go rotten. But I think that before you get married, you need to get some education. Because very often it happens that a husband suddenly starts to show character and a woman can’t go anywhere because she can not do anything”, – said Nastasya.

The actress said that she met many married women who are happy in one role – exemplary housewife, dedicated her life to home and children. However, Samburski advocates that any woman was developed, and was left twenty years later with nothing.

The actress also announced that it has acquired a two-storey apartment with a terrace and is now trying to build. “And importantly, on their own, not receiving a gift from a wealthy patron. Just can’t get it repaired – many difficulties with the management company. Think that year master repair – looking forward to the moment when you move in. I hope it will be very comfortable,” concluded Samburski in an interview with “Telenedelya”.