Саманте из «Секса в большом городе» — 60!
Kim Cattrall is celebrating the anniversary with optimism.

Саманте из «Секса в большом городе» — 60!

Kim Cattrall

Photo: Outnow.ch

Kim Cattrall, who
today celebrates his 60th birthday became really famous
only 42 years old when she started acting in “Sex and the city.” Although by the
time Although Kim has managed to play
more than seven dozen(!) movies and TV shows. Among them was the “Police
Academy”(1984), “Columbo”(1978), “Angels
Charlie (1979), “Star trek 6” (1991) … However, great fame and movie awards the actress brought
it is the heroine of “Sex and the city” is Samantha.

Thanks to who played her, Kim, Samantha, the eldest
of the three girlfriends of “Sex and the city” has become one of the most beloved
heroine of fans of this TV show. Moreover, both female and male.
Men simply could not remain indifferent to seksapilnaya irresistible beauty,
what made her Cattrall. And it was Kim quite easily. No wonder the TV Guide magazine put the actress on the eighth
in the list of “sexiest stars
of all times and peoples”. And women fell in love with the heroine Kim for what she proved
and after forty you can be not less attractive than the 25.

Of course, Kim could not
to be grateful to her character for that played her, she became a star.
But, on the other hand, as he admitted once, Cattrall, the show ruined her
personal life. Kim was married three times. Her first husband was canadian
writer Larry Davis. The second architect Andrea Leeson, who worked in Germany, and
the third is a designer and musician mark
Levinson. And all three of her marriage, unfortunately, ended in divorce. “My first marriage
failed because I was too young. The second ruined the distance and separation: I most of the time she lived in
America, and my husband is in Europe. And the third marriage “let down” just “Sex with
the big city”. My marriage was not sustainable in the conditions, when I was 16
hours a day…” — said the actress.

And after the divorce Kim
it became even more difficult: as discovered by Cattrall, men began to fear her, obviously taking
the actress for her character. However, three years later, she still had an affair. But
here’s the problem — her partner Alan wise was more than 20 years her younger! First
time, as told to Kim, she was a little awkward. But then she got used to it and start
enjoy the relationship with Alan. Alas,
all collapsed again five years later. Wise is tired of being the “free app” to
my friend and I wanted independence…

Since then Kim alone, and
she’s not too happy about that. As frankly admitted the actress, when she wanted
this isn’t the life I wanted to have a family and children… But still, Cattrall is trying
not to be discouraged. “I have many wonderful friends. Besides, I help a lot
young actors, sharing experience, protective. And for me, they are like children. So
in me all is well!” — says Kim.

Besides, the last few years it is a lot of time and
forces gives his main passion – the theatre. She played in the plays of all time
many different authors — Ibsen and Chekhov
Miller and Shakespeare… And no movies or TV will not replace her pleasure to pronounce tests
the great playwrights, admitted Kim.

However a year ago she suffered a brutal
disappointment. She had to abandon the role she wanted to play in the play “Linda” Penelope Skinner. The fact that the actress was ill — she
began severe insomnia that drove her to nervous exhaustion. However, now,
as told Cattrall, she, after a course of treatment, returned to normal
life. Kim will star in the TV series “sensitive skin” and preparing to play one of the main
heroines in the new film adaptation of the novel of Agatha Christie “the Witness for the prosecution”.

Kim Cattrall

Photo: Outnow.ch

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