Sam Taylor Johnson spoke about the filming of “50 shades of grey”

Сэм Тэйлор Джонсон рассказала о съёмках «50 оттенков серого»

In the world of show business rarely encounter such revelations. The Director became a cult erotic drama “50 shades of grey” Sam Taylor Johnson spoke about heavy duty work with the author of the eponymous book And El James.

I must say that the decision to take the Director a little-known Director Sam Taylor Smith has caused skepticism among the public. At that time she was known on the film “Nowhere Boy”, a biographical film about the John Lennon.
From the outset, the vision of the art Director and the author differed. Daily women butting heads on the set, defending their opinions.
“Her opinion against mine.. they were the opposite. We fought for every scene. It was very difficult, like wading through a quagmire” — said the Director.
She admitted that despite the stunning success of the tape and box office of 500 million pounds, to continue work on the film she would not agree for any price.
“This work was a test for my ego. She trained me, now I with even greater force to defend his opinion, but in the draft I would not come back for any money,” said Sam, and added that cooperation with James made her so disgusted, she even forced myself to watch the sequel film.
“I will not ever watch this movie. I have no interest. I can’t say I’m sorry about the first part, but if time is to be reversed, I would have refused” -has confidently declared Sam.