Salma Hayek worked as a nanny daughter of Ryan Reynolds

Сальма Хайек поработала няней дочки Райана Рейнолдса
The actress has published a photo of grown up INES.

Сальма Хайек поработала няней дочки Райана Рейнолдса

Salma Hayek with the youngest daughter of Ryan Reynolds


The other day a 50-year-old Salma Hayek has published in his
microblogging funny photo. Actress, INES is the youngest daughter of Ryan Reynolds on
hands, deftly pomeshivat something in a huge pot standing on the stove. And
back plan, however, looms Reynolds, who, instead of too
to do something useful, applauds Hayek.

Salma, which she claims
coped with the upbringing of his daughter Valentina without the help of nurses, dispelled the confusion of their fans by signing
the: “When your friends with young children invite you to visit, all
ends up that you have to do all the work!”.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively daughters


It is curious that only because of this photo
fans of Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively were able to see how much is covered
INES. After all, the only photo girls, which to date has published
the couple is the their still born the youngest daughter. Recall that
Inez was born in October last year. When you select a name for her
wife did not so wisely, as when they were invented, how they would call their
first daughter. Because their
firstborn, now
already two-year-old daughter , received
boy’s name James. However, the Reynolds
believes that this solution is nothing special. “You know the rest
strange names that other celebrities give their kids, we don’t
distinguished. After all, I did not name it, for example Summer Squash Meadowlark (which
can be translated as Summer Pumpkin Lark)!” — joked Ryan in response
to the attacks of critics.