Salma Hayek: “the Political climate in the US is similar to black Comedy”

Сальма Хайек: «Политический климат в США похож на чёрную комедию»

In his last film “Beatriz’s for dinner” Hollywood actress Salma Hayek plays a healer-immigrant, which is faced with an arrogant billionaire developer. How can you not remember the artist of the current political situation in the United States of America in the context of the new film. Recall that with the arrival in the White house, Republican Donald trump, the immigration policy of the country is very tightened.

“America has never been so politically divided. I think sometimes that the political climate in our country is a Comedy. Sometimes a Comedy of errors, sometimes a black Comedy,” said Hayek.
Recall that Salma was one of the first celebrities to condemn the words of the then presidential candidate from the Republican party, Donald trump to build a high wall on the border with Mexico.
“I have hope that someday we will have understanding and willingness to have a conversation between totally different ideologies. We all need to understand that there are things that connect us on a deeper level,” said Salma.