Сальма Хайек поделилась своим взглядом к возрасту
Recently popular actress Salma Hayek spoke with reporters and openly answered their questions.

Сальма Хайек поделилась своим взглядом к возрасту

The conversation touched on the subject of age, and Salma admitted that he didn’t want to go back to 25-year-old. She’s completely comfortable in his age, and she, nothing would have changed if possible.

“The peak time for Actresses after 40. Once my close friend-Italian thought, why continue to work so hard despite the age. Looked at each other and she suddenly said, “And you know why? Because it is not Kohl Botox! Not fond of injections! That’s working non-stop: always look like real people. You should have seen me in the morning!.. But offer me a magical tool in order to again become a 25-year-old, and I answer a firm no,” replied Salma.

It is worth noting that Hayek in his later years looks just fine and can compete with many young girls.

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