Сальма Хайек устроила сюрприз на гала-вечере в честь 70-летия Каннского фестиваля
The actress made famous guests singing in Spanish.

Salma Hayek


Late last night in one of the restaurants located on the pier near the Croisette in Cannes, the gala dinner was held in honor of the momentous event — the 70th anniversary of the Cannes international film festival. Among invited — the cream of kinoodessa, the highest light in the face of well-known Directors and actors from all over the world. Unfortunately, the main social event was marred by news of a terrorist attack in Manchester. On this occasion, cancelled a scheduled party and a Grand fireworks display over the Bay, which is planned after dinner.

But Salma Hayek has decided to brighten up the celebration. Suddenly, in the midst of the dinner around her table there were “Mariachi” — a group of Mexican musicians who are always involved in any family or social event in his native Mexico, Hayek. Cheerful and good-natured musicians so incendiary playing and singing, the guests jumped up from their seats and began to dance and sing along to. Some are even in Spanish- under the leadership of many Hispanic Directors and actors (Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso cuarón, Gael Garcia Bernal, Alejandro Inarittu). But festival Director Thierry Fremaux already climbed on the table and conducted the “choir” consisting of Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Chastain, Vanessa Paradis, Leo DiCaprio, Catherine Deneuve, will Smith (all not listed!) during the performance of the song “Happy Birthday”.

And yet the irrepressible Salma, a conspiratorial wink Charlize Theron, said that she and her husband Francois Pinault, one of the richest businessmen in France, the owner of half of the brands belonging to the class “Lux”, just in case picked up from his home in Paris 11 bottles of rare wine. And sent for precious bottles of the waiters.

It is worth noting that the night before, Salma rocked all appearing for a party in the … pink wig. But at the anniversary party 50-year-old beauty shone luxury stylish hairstyle — she was a fashionable ponytail from her own hair color Voronova wing.