Salma Hayek is now the blonde who is crazy

Сальма Хайек теперь блондинка, которая сводит с ума

Сальма Хайек теперь блондинка, которая сводит с ума

Always searing brunette Salma Hayek stole all the attention Ryan Reynolds when she appeared before him in the blonde wig. Who would have thought that the famous latina so suited this colour, it is incredibly attractive in it. That proved the shots that hit the net.

On 23 October on the occasion of the 43rd birthday of Ryan Reynolds, sultry beauty 53-year-old Salma Hayek has published on his page in Instagram photo on which she’s close with Ryan in a white wig and a super sexy dress. Your post it is dedicated, of course, the day of Ryan’s birth, but it was like a reproach that Ryan and congratulated her birthday, which was September 2. “Yes, Ryan, I’m using your birthday to post this photo where I look really cool, and you’re somehow not very. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that you were going to send me a bottle of your famous gin on my birthday, which was two months ago. If you want to see more of my photos, flipping the tape in Instagram, by the way, happy Birthday, Ryan!”, — she wrote.
Who knew that Salma is a Troll on social media? She also posted several Instagram-stories, which person Ryan’s half cut off. Star Deadpool cleverly responded to her greeting post, writing: “I send you as many of his famous gin that you will not have enough health to eat it all. In addition, your pool is no longer filled with water. Here, have a SIP”.

Сальма Хайек теперь блондинка, которая сводит с ума

The post Salma in Instagram, which was written in English and Spanish, called the endless compliments from fans who appreciated her flattering blonde wig. For the first time Salma in the image of the blonde, her fans saw the film with Ryan called “a Bodyguard of the wife of the killer”, which was released in April 2019. “You are incredibly look blonde!” — wrote several of her fans. The star of the movie “Frida” spent most of his life, being a hot Brunet, probably why such drastic measures are generating a lot of chatter.

Salma is proof that age is nothing but a number. September 1, 2019, she demonstrated her incredible body in a bikini on the eve of his 53rd birthday. Fans fainted from the photos in Instagram, which Salma turquoise bikini showed their elegant shape, lush Breasts and taut tummy.
The actress not only not afraid to get naked in front of cameras, but does not hesitate to seem at the photo without makeup. 21 Aug 2019 she posted a selfie without makeup, which was discussed positive aspects of their age, and how lighting can affect your face in the photos.

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