Сальма Хайек посоветовала Дональду Трампу почитать «Историю США для чайников»

Many American celebrities involved in the presidential race. Representatives of the entertainment industry to show support for a particular candidate and it seems that they may even become a powerful weapon in pulling votes.

To join their stellar colleague decided the star of the movie “Bandidas”, Salma Hayek. In a rather unusual speech, the actress said that the contender for the White house Donald trump is not familiar with the history of his native country, and therefore it is necessary to begin to study the book by Steve Wiegand “U.S. History for dummies”.

“I recommend you for common development, you can even borrow my copy,” said Salma, who even brought the book with us in the Studio.

In addition, the actress admitted that she read the autobiography of trump and noted that its development Donald stopped after the first class: “He writes about how in first grade punched my music teacher because he believed that the boy knows nothing about music. He further says that it is still the same as in the first class. And I agree that our President is running for illiterate first grader. I myself have dyslexia, I’m Mexican, English is my second language, but even I’m not confusing September 11, with the 11th of July. And his statements about Mexican immigrants this is a very simple tactic for self-promotion. It is designed for fools. But I’m not stupid.”


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