Salma Hayek had suspected her husband of infidelity

Сальма Хайек заподозрила мужа в измене
The actress decided that her husband again “had a ball”.

Salma Hayek with husband


Salma Hayek, who celebrated on the 8-th anniversary
her marriage to French billionaire françois–Henri Pinault, said that recently
she had to go through a very unpleasant moment. The fact that she accidentally
found her husband on the phone message from an unknown woman named Ellen,
which Pinot to join her to practice English
language. This information appeared on the website

As françois-Henri never mentioned his
friend named Ellen, Salma suspected that this is a coded message
from his mistress! And at the first opportunity, decided to inflict my husband “interrogation
addiction.” “What the heck is Ellen?!?” she asked the wife of tone,
that does not Bode anything good for him. But françois-Henri hastened
to calm his raging wife, he explained that “Ellen” is just
just a code name, which he invented for mobile applications
created to help those who want to improve their English.

And yet a concern of 50-year-old Hayek can be understood — in the past
Pino became famous for his don Juan adventures. After he got engaged to Salma
it turned out that he is the illegitimate son of Augustine — from supermodels Linda Evangelista. And
the boy was born in October of the same year, when Pinault began Dating Salma.
When Hayek found out about this story, she broke off the engagement to Francois-Henri. However,
Pinot managed to beg forgiveness from the actress, claiming that Linda
got pregnant before he met Salma. And the beginning of his love affair with
Hayek he allegedly broke up with the Evangelist…