«Сказали, что ребенок родился мертвым»: Эвелина Бледанс сдала ДНК-тест Many years ago, the actress lost the baby, but it has become known only now. And recently turned up a woman who calls herself the daughter of Evelina Bledans. To understand the situation the actress and her ex-husband had to do a DNA test, which proved negative.
«Сказали, что ребенок родился мертвым»: Эвелина Бледанс сдала ДНК-тест

Almost 27 years ago, the family of Evelina Bledans tragedy: married to actor comic magazine “Pun” Yuri Stytskovsky actress lost her first child. As says the TV star, it happened because of the accident in the Park – she tried to rape.

While she rested parents in Yalta. “We have around the house was a Park, there were beautiful benches and lights. The woman who is with a large, pregnant belly as a rule, can not become the object of harassment. But it happened. This prevented me to become a mother of beautiful girls. Kind of a jerk. Some strikes. I was in the hospital. I was told that the child was born dead,” admitted Evelyn in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

Evelina wanted a daughter, and even chose her name is Lisa.

“We had a Grand wedding. She was then in the fourth month of pregnancy. But this tragic accident all crossed. I have little memories about this period. This tragedy ruined our marriage, we didn’t find excuses and strength to get through this together,” said Yuri Stytskovsky.
«Сказали, что ребенок родился мертвым»: Эвелина Бледанс сдала ДНК-тест

Recently, however, showed the supposed daughter of an actress who supposedly are able to survive. 26-year-old Anna Popova is a native of Tomsk, the girl spent her childhood in a boarding school. “When I graduated from the orphanage, one employee confessed that I have other parents,” explained Anna.

According to Anna, she knew all the hardships of staying in a boarding school in the face of this cruelty on the part of teachers: they did not give the children toys, and sometimes even beaten on the hands.

«Сказали, что ребенок родился мертвым»: Эвелина Бледанс сдала ДНК-тест

Now Anna works as a fitness trainer in one of the Tomsk clubs. Alleged daughter Evelina rents an apartment where he lives with five-year old daughter Sophia. With the girl’s father Popov gone, and now is Dating a guy who helps her with the baby.

To dot the “i” all the participants of the scandalous stories passed samples of biological material, to establish a relationship. However, Yuri Stytskovsky doubt that the 26-year-old guest Studio could be his daughter. “All that was, it was. To look for some excuse and instillation is not necessary. To date, I can’t say how I’m going to treat this”, — said Yuri.

Yuri has a son and spouse, whom he loves. If Anna will be his daughter, the Director promised to introduce her to my friends. However, this is still not going to happen. The results of two DNA tests, it turned out that Yuri is not the father of Anna and Ewelina is not her mother.