Safronov, Galustyan and Lazarev congratulations with the International day of circus

Stars recorded videos with the wishes of the artists. Annually on the third Saturday of April marks the international day of circus. In many cities organize Grand performances with clowns, acrobats and other artists.

This is the eighth year in many countries around the world on the third Saturday of April is celebrated the international day of circus. In 2009, this holiday was established by the European circus Association (European Circus Assotiation) and the world circus Federation (Federation Mondiale Du Cirque), which operates under the patronage of the Princess of Monaco. Monte Carlo is the oldest circus festival, and also awarded a kind of “Oscars”.

The circus is one of the oldest types of art in the Ancient World there are references to performances of acrobats, jugglers, clowns. Russian circus dynasty, such as Durov, zapashnye, Kio, Filatov, Kantemirova, Tuganova, Bagdasarova, Polianskii, Dovejko, known to many fans of the circus.

Russian pop stars congratulated the audience and the colleagues on the holiday. Among them, the illusionist Sergey Safronov, singers Sergey Lazarev and Soso Pavliashvili, actor, showman Mikhail Galustyan and radio presenter Alla Dovlatov.

The leaders of the Great Moscow circus Edgard and Askold zapashnye professional holiday celebrated on the football field, playing the match with the team “Starko”.

“Dear friends, colleagues, I congratulate you on your professional holiday! Your hard work and dangerous profession make with a sinking heart to follow what is happening in the arena even the most sophisticated audience. Take care of yourself, your partners, take care of the profession! Be happy!”, congratulated colleagues illusionist Sergey Safronov. “Dear friends, I heartily congratulate all with the world circus day. I’m with circus friends, circus, love, participated in the project “Circus with stars” once. And you know what a incredible hard work to be a circus performer. Every minute is a job, you need to be on our toes every day! Take care of yourself! And you new achievements”, – said Sergey Lazarev.

Among those who vividly celebrated their professional holiday, the head of the producer centre “the Royal circus” Gia Eradze, the trainer of predators, the author of the colorful show, which pleased the audience in different cities of the country and the world.

“Circus is my life, and those fans like me, the brothers zapashnye, Kornilovs, all my teams, keep the circus! And for the rest of our days we will live only in the circus do for you, the viewer!” said Gia Eradze “StarHit”.

“The circus is a miracle! It’s good, love, beautiful animals and a wonderful attitude to them. I think when you live in such a world, you yourself become better, and the world shines in other beautiful colors,” – said Alla Dovlatov.