Садальский рассказал о правилах жизни Вячеслава Шалевича The actor recalled a conversation with a great actor. According to Sadalsky, once an employee of the Vakhtangov theatre told him about what guides the work. Now Stanislav recalls these words of Vyacheslav Shalevich.

      The evening before became known about the death of Vyacheslav Shalevich. Within two weeks, the actor was in a coma. As reported in the hospital, star of theater and film were a long time sick, and in December due to a weakened immune system, he developed pneumonia. Colleagues, friends and admirers of his talent remember the past life of the actor. The death of Vyacheslav Shalevich has shocked his family and colleagues

      Stanislav Sadalsky, who several times crossed paths with Vyacheslav Shalevich, remembered that once he gave him some life advice. When the actor of the comic genre was a student, he interacted with an employee of the Vakhtangov theatre New year’s eve. According to Sadalsky, he was instructed to make the material, which had lead stories about holiday traditions famous people.

      “Thank Shalevich, one of the pillars of the Vakhtangov theatre, shared then three, as he called them, “new commandments” that I later included in my book. “I try to follow the precepts of their teachers. Somehow we celebrated the New year in the arts. I complained Cecilia Mansurova, I have a lot of enemies. And she said, “If you have in the theater no enemies, you are nothing”. It was the first commandment. Then it seemed to me that in the press too much gossip about us, about young people. She said, “Boy, remember, if you stop talking, you’ll have no one.” And third, very funny, it is written again, after a Christmas party in the arts: “Oh, honey, you have to play Shakespeare, and the Chairman of the collective farm – learn”. I remember all those Christmas commandments. They are still relevant,” wrote Sadalsky in his blog, pomyanuv deceased Vyacheslav Anatolyevich.

      Shalevich has continued to perform on stage even in his 82 years. In early December, the actor played in the production “the havenwhen he became ill. However, from hospitalization, he refused.

      In a recent interview with Vyacheslav Medvedev pointed out that the whole staging is very large, made in different genres. Some of the actors who played in the film, passed away earlier Shalevich, and the scenes involving them were removed from play. Especially difficult for 82-year-old actor suffered the death of Galina Konovalova and Yury Yakovlev, who played the key characters in “the Pier“.