Садальский поделился трогательным воспоминанием о Любови Полищук In late may, the celebrated actress would have turned 69 years old. In November 2006, the actress has died on 58-m to year of life after heavy illness. Family and friends still can’t accept the loss.
Садальский поделился трогательным воспоминанием о Любови Полищук

People’s artist of Russia Lyubov Polishchuk was one of the brightest and most successful women’s national cinema. For fans and colleagues to her care in 2006 was a real blow. The actress did not advertise that they have cancer. A year before his death the doctors discovered Polishchuk Oncology, the movie star was treated in several Metropolitan hospitals, and then undergoing rehabilitation in private Israeli clinic, but the terrible illness was stronger. On the morning of 28 November 2006 G. Love died from sarcoma of the spine in his Moscow apartment.

Friend and fellow actress Stanislav Sadalsky has decided to share with the users of the Network experience I had with Polishchuk. In his Instagram the actor said, remember what Love was.

Садальский поделился трогательным воспоминанием о Любови Полищук“Tanya Vasilyeva and Luba Polishchuk never been friends. Just crossing on the set, treat each other well. That is too much. As Actresses they were quite distant and not much connected. But Tanya always in [the play] “the Naked truth” says Luba as a shining example of human qualities, is absolutely not typical of our acting fraternity. Somehow Leonid Trushkin kicked Tatiana out of the Theater of Anton Chekhov in response to her request to postpone the show due to the planned the filming in India. In the end, foreign cinema not happened and you lost your job: after retiring Trushkin for a role in the performance “There, but then…” instead of Taani entered Luba Polishchuk. But she agreed to enter only after a call Vasilyeva. Polishchuk called her and said, “Tanya, I offered to play. If you tell me not to go – will refuse.” Tanya, of course, replied, “Come on.” And now says that the act Luba is a unique and implausible. This happened the first and only time in my life. More with such integrity and honesty in the actor’s environment it faced. Intrigue, gossip, lies, jealousy, betrayal – that there are many such examples. And Tanya adds that he would like to have a friend…” – said Stanislav.

The son of actress Alexey Makarov birthday mom also posted on Instagram a touching photo. Fans left many comments under the stars.

“Love Grigoryevna Polishchuk. 21 may 1949 – November 28, 2006. People remember, mother,” wrote Alex.