Sadalsky has appeared in the scandal center because of the “resurrected” Boronenkov

Садальский оказался в центре скандала из-за «воскресшего» Вороненкова The artist has apologized for the publication, dedicated to the deceased politician. Earlier in mass media there was information that a man like Denis Boronenkov, allegedly seen in Israel. Maria Maksakova she was genuinely outraged by such speculation.
Садальский оказался в центре скандала из-за «воскресшего» Вороненкова

Recent publications have appeared information about the fact that the victim, a former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov supposedly actually alive. The man, like a politician, seen in Israel. It was argued that this was reported by head of the Department of art history of the Shchukin Institute Elena Dunaeva. The woman was on tour abroad, she represented the play “Oedipus the King” together with Lyudmila Maksakova.

The news that Voronenkov is allegedly not suffered at the hands of the killer, has caused a resonance in the Network. Stanislav Sadalsky has posted this publication on his blog, and also shared his speculation with subscribers.

Maria Maksakova harsh comments about Stanislav Sadalsky

“The attempt was quite strange. First, in a very public place. Second, the killer was in a very noticeable red shoes. Like he had for her. Thirdly, there was puddles of blood. Fourth, Maksakova as it is too easy experienced the death of her husband, a month was fun, in a new way and on a talk show…” – in his characteristic manner, said the actor.

Representatives of the Ukrainian media called Maria Maksakova to comment on the situation. Opera diva gave to understand that it does not intend to discuss information that casts doubt on recent sad events. Apparently, the singer is infuriated by such rumors. “Sick,” sharply spoke Maksakova, throwing up.

Later Stanislav Sadalsky has shared another post, which justified the publication, dedicated to the deceased Denis Voronenkov. According to the artist, he just posted the news in one place, on his page in the social network. “Neither Prince Eugene nor his wife Elena Dunaeva about a “chance meeting” with the Voronenkova didn’t tell me,” added Sadalsky.

Journalists have also made contact with the husband of Elena Dunayeva, people’s artist of Russia Yevgeny Knyazev. The man said that the information allegedly provided by his wife, is untrue. According to Knyazev, neither he nor his wife was familiar with the Voronenkova. Evgeny said that outraged the data that is actively being discussed in the Network. The artist gave vent to his emotions in the course of the conversation to reporters.

“This is nonsense! Utter nonsense. You have to be smarter and not believe such “ducks”. Neither I, nor my wife, Denis by Voronenkova not be familiar with. But I believe that this vile, cruel joke against the deceased person. We were in Israel on tour with the play “Oedipus the King”. On tour was Lyudmila Maksakova. My wife’s name might have sounded so. It’s a shame that on behalf of my spouse, authoritative person, suddenly print such nonsense,” – said Knyazev.

Evgeny also said that his wife was upset at first, but then decided better not to respond. So, says the actor enters Lyudmila Maksakova, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Lyudmila Maksakova regret the words about the death of son-in-law