Sadalsky fears for his life after confessing about Maxim Galkin

Садальский опасается за свою жизнь после признания о Максиме Галкине
The actor received a suspicious gift.

Stanislav Sadalsky and Maxim Galkin

Photo: Social Networks

Stanislav Sadalsky continues to discuss in his microblog Maxim Galkin. After yesterday’s confessions of an actor that career of the presenter of the First channel supposedly fails, the actor said of a possible attempt on his life. He said users of social networks that receive a suspicious gift from anonymous, which, he suggests, could be poisoned. Sadalsky handed her a package of expensive coffee beans.

“Yesterday, someone gave the reception three packs of different types of expensive coffee. And what to do with it? Sorry, will not accept, maybe the poisoned parcel from mediocre presenter (Galkina — Approx. ed)?” — Sadalsky wrote on the social network. His record he was accompanied by the hashtag: “murder”, “poison” and “Ostankino”.

Soon Maksim will go on tour in the Czech Republic. One of the performances scheduled at the hotel “Termal” in Karlovy vary. In the same publication Sadalsky writes that tickets for the gig Galkina supposedly not sold out. “There’s been people and offer concert tickets with great discounts,” continues the actor.

On the eve of Sadalsky told that Maxim of the programs on the First channel falls rating. He publicly laughed at the failure Galkina: “Jumping is jumping, and Malakhov him how to Kremlin stars — don’t jump!” TV presenter yesterday declined to review a publication Sadalsky, but today probably will find that the answer to the actor.