Sadalsky expressed its intention to Sobchak to become President

Садальский высказался о намерении Собчак стать президентом The actor gave an evaluation to the presenter. Stanislav Sadalsky has shared with fans opinion on the speech of Ksenia Sobchak during the program, “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. He believes that the journalist would be able to take the post of Governor of St. Petersburg.

Last week it became known that TV presenter and chief editor of a glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak intends to run for President of the Russian Federation in 2018. She stated that she cares about the fate of the country in which she was born and raised. Before the celebrity came into the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to talk about his decision. Narusova on the nomination Sobchak: “It was the most difficult choice in my life.”

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky has told fans about his impressions after watching a popular talk show. He shared his thoughts about the future candidate for the presidency.

“I am abroad just now on the phone looked “live” on “Russia-1″. Xenia, no doubt, clever, and her arguments are very logical. Admirable simplicity of thoughts, simple human feelings of kinship, sympathy, gratitude… Notice all the noble feelings…”- said the artist.

However, not all fans share his enthusiasm. Some support Sobchak as a future leader, while others thought the idea absurd. “Ksenia is a very smart woman! And it has always been! A transfer is “Blonde in chocolate”, “the House-2″ and so on is a way to earn money”, “Join your opinion! Smart, well kept, decent person!”, “Of course, it will not be President, but a prominent politician must”, “Disappointed, Stas, I did not expect”, “Xenia, no doubt, clever, but terribly far from the people, and not all smart boys and girls can rule the country. For her this is another adventure, she’s bored” – shared the opinion of the users of the Network.

Also Sadalsky said that he would like to see Xenia and as Governor of St. Petersburg, the city where was born a journalist. “The woman with the eggs – that’s what the country needs”: the principles of the presidential candidate of Ksenia Sobchak

Now Sobchak will have to enlist the support of 300 thousand people across the country. The young woman did not reveal the secret, as it goes, but intends to address this issue.

“About the signatures. I will say this. I have a system, I have an idea how to collect thousands of points in different regions. Soon I’ll announce it. In addition, the system is already available on the Internet that helped win the municipal elections in Moscow,” said the celebrity during the TV broadcast.