«Грустно до слез»: Сати Казанова вычеркнула из жизни близкого человека
The singer was faced with betrayal.

Sati Kazanova

Photo: @satikazanova Instagram Sati Casanova

Sati Kazanova faced with the betrayal of a friend. The singer was forced to break off communication with a loved one, sick “star” disease. The actress was in such a situation for the first time and was unpleasantly surprised at how quickly people change for the worse. According to 35-year-old Sati, for many years she has paved the way to success with a friend who recently ceased to be with her.

“In this situation, I directly to tears sad… If a person changes in relation to friends after the achieved success in my eyes, such a person loses all dignity. I would prefer to erase from his life, even if the continuation of the cooperation very desirable and practical. For enrolling in a particular way, the person usually repeats it. Of course, with rare exception,” said Casanova.

After the incident, Sati thought, and suddenly she could hurt someone this way? And, indeed, Casanova she confessed that after participating in the “star Factory” and fallen on her popularity, for some time, “caught the star”. “Drivers of my poor, worn out me, the maid also got it, and many of my colleagues, I strained (EDM Toneva and Sasha Savelyev mean). I’m now not a gift, but, believe me, much better than before! In the threat of “star” time to put me in my place could only sisters and parents. And thanks to them for that!”Sati said recently in an interview. However, the most important thing is to recognize your mistakes and try not to repeat.