Сабина Пантус сходит с ума от полноты One of the experts of the program “actually” on the First channel openly talked about complexes. Leading leading the fight against obesity. As recognized by Sabine, sometimes it overcomes fear to get better.
Сабина Пантус сходит с ума от полноты

Sabina Pantus became famous after starring in the program “really”. Star is a specialist in the field of lie detection, polygraph test. Also the star running training sessions.

Sabine actively use social networks, giving fans the latest news. A few months Pantus struggles with excess weight. The star said that sometimes she need psychological support.

Сабина Пантус сходит с ума от полноты“Girls will understand. Went to bed normal, and woke up fat. No apparent reason, surrounding my completeness not seen, but I felt like an elephant… Great and extremely dissatisfied with the elephant. In my head insistently sounded awful voice: “You’ve gained weight”. Scales and surrounding argued the opposite. But no arguments and beliefs of others in such moments don’t work, it fits bad, the photos do not come out, the mood is terrible. Yesterday was the day, which was not half were irretrievably fucked, well at least by the evening it was released, and I am glad that the elephant comes less and less, I’m slowly but surely losing weight. The main thing to understand where temporary blurred under the code name “elephant”, which should sit in the room with “soft walls”, so as not to harm themselves or others. My causeless “elephant” he comes and he dumps fast enough. Where is the reality when it’s time to recognize that it is time to lose weight, to pull myself together and start to change. Come on, girls, you have come to the “elephant”? How to fight?” – shared Pantus.

Fans of the Sabina pointed out that sometimes they also have complexes that prevent them to enjoy life. “Straight wrote about me. Yesterday he came to me, I hope that you had a temporary lapse”, “the elephant is only in the mind!”, “To me, after birth the level of “elephant” comes. And before pregnancy I did not eat after 17 hours”, – said the Network users.

Pantus often shares with fans how to cheer yourself up. Also leading talks in detail about sports.

“A few simple steps that help me to Wake up and regain tone: a glass of water on an empty stomach. Then 10-20 minutes of cardio, if you really sleepy, first a shower, and then charging, and then again in the shower. Orange juice, coffee, tea with lemon. And then a couple of techniques to set the mood! A few minutes to smile, looking in the mirror: first you feel like an idiot, but I smile, then slowly remember something pleasant and cheerful. And the smile becomes genuine. As soon as the money comes, you need to hold it for another couple of minutes. You can then dress yourself. I prefer bright or light colors in clothing. During the day, if something bad happens, and I can not switch from the negative, to help me come positive, funny videos. 5-10 minutes and I’m fine”, – said the leading.