Ryan Reynolds has disclosed the name of his youngest daughter

Райан Рейнолдс рассекретил имя своей младшей дочки
The actor admitted: did not expect that to be a father.

Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds with children


two months after the birth of his youngest daughter, Ryan Reynolds
declassified the name of the girl. About it reported the edition “US Weekly”.

became known, Reynolds and his wife Blake lively were not so
to be original, as the choice of name for his eldest daughter, and called his
Junior INES. Which translated from Greek means “purity” and
“innocence”. However, the Reynolds believes that his now
two-year-old daughter got a boy
the name James, too, is nothing special. “You know, on the background of other outlandish
names that other celebrities give their children, we are not particularly distinguished. After all
I did not call it, for example Summer Squash Meadowlark (which can be translated as Summer
Pumpkin Lark)!” — joked Ryan in
the response to the attacks of critics.

a week ago, usually very secretive about his personal life Reynolds for the first time
showed the whole family in public. He came with Blake and the two
daughters at the opening ceremony of his personal star on the
The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. “For such a special occasion we decided to come all
our family clan. After all, if I
did not. That could take care of till the end of days!” — the actor explained. And, children
Ryan made such a strong impression on the audience, which completely eclipsed
the hero of the ceremony: everyone was looking at adorable babies!

about Reynolds, he was grateful to his wife, wedding
which played in 2012, noting that Blake has drastically changed his
life. “Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You gave
I have two amazing children. But I didn’t expect before becoming a father, thinking
I, at best, prepared for the role of uncle…” said Ryan.