Ryan Reynolds commented on the rumors about the problems in the marriage: “I wish it was true”

Райан Рейнольдс прокомментировал слухи о проблемах в браке: «Я бы хотел, чтобы это было правдой»

Actor Ryan Reynolds known for his special sense of humor, the jokes are very often refer friends and relatives. And his wife often subjected to trolling by her beloved husband. Recently, the network appeared rumors about problems in the marriage of Reynolds and lively, who are mostly spread in the Asian sites. Despite the fact that great publicity they didn’t give Ryan all commented on them in his favorite manner.

“I wish it were true. I would have more time as they say for themselves,” he wrote on Twitter.

Such “statements” of her husband Blake lively is not offended, and even admits that such jokes warm her warm feelings for the spouse. “When he writes something like that, I love him even more than before. More precisely, I love him always, but don’t always feel butterflies in my stomach.”

The key to a happy marriage stars are friendly relations, as well as humor. “I can refer to Ryan as a friend for advice or to cry on his shoulder. It wasn’t in my previous relationship. In other respects, if we had problems, I called my friends or my sister and asked for advice. Now I’m calling my husband. Prior to the beginning of a relationship we were friends for two years, I treat it not only as your husband but as your best friend, and Ryan considers me a great friend.”

The skill of artful trolling Blake has already learned from her husband. 24 Oct, Ryan Reynolds celebrated the 41st birthday, for which Blake congratulated his joke. She added online a photo of Ryan and his colleagues Ryan Gosling, which cut off her husband, leaving only a Gosling. In the review she wrote “happy birthday, baby!”.

The publication was a response to Blake on the post greeting Reynolds, which he laid out on the occasion of her birthday in August. Then Ryan wrote, “Congratulations to my incredible wife” under their joint image, which actress you can barely notice. Fans be trolling by Blake appreciated and unanimously acknowledged a victory in this fun family battle for her, because we all know how most Reynolds tired of the situations in which it is confused with Gosling.