Райан Рейнольдс и Блейк Лайвли посетили Музей мороженого в Нью-Йорке

Райан Рейнольдс и Блейк Лайвли посетили Музей мороженого в Нью-Йорке

Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively can be called parents, because they raise three daughters. Young parents do not forget about romance and time alone, so children are very often left to be raised by nannies, grandmothers and other family members. Recently, the 43-year-old Ryan, and a 32-year-old Blake visited the ice cream Museum, which is located in Manhattan. This became known from Instagram of the actress where she posted a very funny photo.

Lively showed his fans some photos from this Museum and told me that now understand why this place calls all this a genuine delight. The young couple went to the Museum itself, and with their friends. They visited the cave of candy and inspected the many exhibits art exhibition, which devoted to the sweets, and walked through the sweet maze. All this they captured on camera.

For going to such an interesting place, Blake chose a very comfortable outfit. She wore a light, flared dress, denim, thick black tights and ankle boots on a small heel. The actress looked stylish and simple. As always, lively did not think of anything with hair that the nature of her beautiful curls, by the way, the celebrity was almost without makeup. Many followers have noticed that after the third pregnancy, Blake has become much fresher and prettier.

It should be noted that in early autumn it became known that Blake and Ryan become parents for the third time. Again, they had a daughter, whose name they don’t call today. The first two girls name is INES and James. Ryan recently gave an interview in which has told that is madly in love with their lives and their children. And also admitted that with three babies can be very difficult.

Despite the difficulties in combining career and parenting, a young couple admits that another child they just gave birth. And Blake in his interviews, always joking, telling what he wants and can have as many as 30 children.

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