Ryan Phillippe, ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon, is accused of violence

Райан Филипп, бывший муж Риз Уизерспун, обвиняется в насилии
The actor filed a lawsuit for the brutal beating his 21-year-old girlfriend.

Райан Филипп, бывший муж Риз Уизерспун, обвиняется в насилии

Ryan Phillippe


Райан Филипп, бывший муж Риз Уизерспун, обвиняется в насилии

Elsie Hewitt

Photo: @aelsiehewitt/Instagram

Version of the 21-year-old model Elsie Hewitt, the former more recently, another girlfriend of Ryan Philippe, he brutally beat her on July 4, in his home.According to the lawsuit filed by the girl, Ryan was under the influence of various drugs and alcohol. And she just came to pick up my stuff. The plaintiff wants from the actor $ 1 million in compensation. Her wounds were recorded by the police on the same day, but the statement of claim to the court was received only today, after a few months. And he, allegedly, was immediately given a temporary pre-trial document prohibiting approach to your ex.

A source close to the actor claims that it was exactly the opposite. This Elsie was under the influence of drugs, coming to Ryan’s, and attacked the actor with his fists, when he demanded that she immediately left his house. Then she slipped up at some point, fell down the stairs. And after that the guards literally dragged her out of the house Philip. Anyway, but the ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon and the father of their children ava and deacon (they were married from 1999 to 2007) managed to arrange his life, happily married and had another child.

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon in 2005


But the 43-year-old Ryan was never able until now to get married and constantly
associated with very young girls. Although he has five years lasted
novel and he was engaged to a law student Paulina
Stagger, but in 2016 they broke off the engagement, and the actor let himself go
heavy with young beauties.

While Reese Witherspoon shone at the ceremony of the Emmy awards – she played in the award-winning miniseries “Big little lies” along with Nicole Kidman,
and is his producer, Ryan grim is waiting for a court summons. Funny
their daughter, 16-year-old Ava is so similar to the mother that they are constantly
confused. Here in this ceremony someone of the journalists turned to ava,
believing that it’s Reese.