Ryan Phillippe commented on the information about the affair with Katy Perry

Райан Филипп прокомментировал  информацию о романе с Кэти Перри

Not so long ago we talked about the fact that the actor Ryan Phillippe became interested in the singer Katy Perry. These two were seen at a recent event, in which they did not hesitate and showed sympathy to each other. Insiders said then that Katie and Ryan are not indifferent to each other, and soon we will have a new star romance. Recall that Perry was in a relationship with Orlando bloom.

But unfortunately for fans of Katie and Ryan, these stars are destined to be together. Relationship with the performer commented on Philip personally, noting that the media as always blew it out of proportion. On his Twitter page Philip wrote that Perry is not with him, because a pair of reporters to stop round-the-clock surveillance of his house: “I’m not Dating Katie. I hardly know her! Please stop a helicopter circling over my house. She’s not here”.

However, Ryan did not specify whether he is with someone in a relationship. Apparently, Philip is still can not recover from breaking up with 25-year-old student Paulina, Slagter, which met 5 years until November 2016.

Recall, Philip is still the most known not for his roles, and by marriage with Hollywood “legally blonde” Reese Witherspoon. The couple have two children.