Ryan Gosling showed the first photo of newborn daughter

Райан Гослинг показала первое фото новорожденной дочери

The news of second pregnancy of Eva Mendes seemed untrue to the very long as the paparazzi didn’t catch the actress at the airport. Seeing that she was being watched by photographers, Mendes tried to make it so that her rounded belly was the least noticeable, and began to cover it with your big bag. Eve attempts to hide the belly failed, and the actress fans, colleagues and friends began to congratulate with the future replenishment.

Two weeks ago, Mendes and her boyfriend Ryan Gosling for the second time became parents. The couple had a girl, which by the way was no less beautiful than the first daughter the name of Amada Lee.

The actress was discharged from the hospital. Now the family complete to get acquainted with a newborn Amada Lee, and happy father shared his happiness with the press and fans.

Gosling has been a guest on the talk show Ellen DeGeneres, where she talked about her daughters and also showed a photo of a newborn.

Райан Гослинг показала первое фото новорожденной дочери

Unfortunately, the little Amadi Lee was a photoshop of a baby with the head leading DeGeneres, but it will make the disorder present Ryan decided a funny story from his childhood, which is the place to be and in the lives of his children.

So, 35-year-old actor revealed that when he was little, was desperately trying to get into the world of graffiti: “When I was a teenager, I had a dream to get into the world of graffiti. I lived in the center of the city and heard that if you have something to draw on top of someone’s drawing, you declare war. I have been doing so for several months, but no one ever approached me with any complaints. Apparently I was too bad even for this”, — with a certain sadness says the actor.

Now the same story happens with Essie (as Gosling calls his oldest daughter Esmeralda). “Some kids erase her name and write his own, — the actor complains. – These children have unlimited access to the chalk. I tried to explain to the little girl, that to do so is unacceptable. But it is not too concerned”.


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