Райан Гослинг объяснил, почему Ева Мендес не поддержала его на «Оскаре»

This year has been one of the most successful in the career of Ryan Gosling. The actor starred in the musical Damien Chazelle, after which it talked about how about the incredible talent and it was nominated for many awards, including a Golden globe and an Oscar.

All winter Gosling was attending the ceremony and other events, but did so mostly alone. Girlfriend of Ryan and the mother of his children Eva Mendes chose not to support her man in these important moments for him.

This behavior of eve was the reason for secular observers to say that the couple ended the relationship. Mendez said that on the red carpet, she’s not coming out because “likes to stay at home.”

Today the rumors about the breakup with Mendez commented personally Gosling: “We’re not breaking up, — said the actor. — Eva does not appear to me because can not stand red carpet events. Prefers to stay at home, now especially with our babies. But I am grateful to her incredibly. For while I sang, danced, learned to play the piano and got all sorts of fun from filming “La La land”, my lady was raising our little daughter Esmeralda (girl 2.5 years) and hatched second baby Amadou (now she is about a year). Unfortunately, at this time was dying of cancer, her beloved older brother… And if eve took it all on myself, I probably would not now giving interviews”.

Sounds plausible. I hope the relationship between Eva and Ryan really good and the messages to the insiders about the breakup was just a rumor.