Rustam Solntsev: “Zhenya Osin, don’t forget to eat”

Рустам Солнцев: «Женя Осин, не забывай закусывать» The showman spoke to the stars of the 90s. According to him, Eugene will not stop drinking until did not realize the seriousness of the problem. Rustam Solntsev believes that Aspen should not be put on a cross.

The last time the name Evgeniya Osina increasingly surfaced in the media headlines. The fact that the once popular singer suffering from alcohol dependence, thus experiencing financial difficulties and health problems. Not so long ago it became known that Aspen denied his feet, and he almost could not move independently. After the sad news spread through the show-business colleagues on the scene decided to help the unfortunate.

Singer Natalia Shturm and TV presenter Dana Borisova has pull strings to send the performer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” to be treated in a rehabilitation center on Koh Samui. But, having been in Thailand for a few weeks, the ocean was again seen in Moscow – the artist chose the alcohol in the alcoholic beverage Department…

The storm unveiled the escaped from the rehabilitation center Aspen

Showman Rustam Solntsev, famous for his sharp tongue, he could not remain silent regarding the situation and spoke about Eugene in his weekly column “Mamadorogaya”.

“Rumor has it that Eugene Osin, who was treated for alcoholism in the clinic, Dana Borisova, escaped from there and recently saw a fun, inexpensive bottle of port, in the Department of cheap booze, – began his speech the sun. Well, a woman with a cart, less manure, as classic said. Genia, to you advise… But in principle, nothing, because you, though a tiny growth, but it is very adult and he can decide what happens next with your life. So I can say one thing: marrying, eating. And then you’re so small that will disappear one day. Drank two liters – snack. Otherwise we might lose you. All you good!”.

Rustam is sure: no one, except the Aspen, unable to help him. “Yet he does not realize that his behavior may end in failure, it will not move from a dead point, says the sun. – Who would be there he was not persuaded to be treated – Borisov, Assault… All to no avail, until he comes to. Sorry, of course, the guy was so popular, so many women loved him… And now what? Pathetic. Let this situation be an example for the youth how to do: even if you were once at the peak of popularity, and then you forgot everything, that is no reason to put on a cross”.