Rustam Solntsev: “Wife, Feofilaktova do not go to other people’s pants”

Рустам Солнцев: «Жене Феофилактовой не идут чужие трусы» The showman spoke to the former participant reality show “House-2”. According to Rustam Solntsev, his colleague trying to sound educated and decent girl, but it is bad succeed. The man is sure that it should be myself and not forget who she was before the project.
Рустам Солнцев: «Жене Феофилактовой не идут чужие трусы»

Rustam Solntsev continues to expose the peers in its category “Mamadorogaya” in Instagram. At this time, the language of the famous wit came former member of the home electroni country Eugene Feofilaktova recently survived a divorce. The girl and her husband Anton Gusev were together for 4.5 years and even the son of Daniel could not save their marriage. The couple broke up, and after a few weeks became known why – it turns out that Anton has an affair with another ex-participant of the project “Dom-2” Victoria romanet.

After a loud parting with Anton Eugene fans become even closer to observe her life. Soon after the divorce Feofilaktova appeared boyfriend blog ex-member of the TV show began to appear photos with huge bouquets of roses and expensive gifts. Apparently struggling to prove that her personal life is arranged.

“Of course she wants to show everyone that not one Anton after divorce happy, but she’s doing great, – says Rustam. But I do know that men are not. I Eugene that she poses that actually is. Went to Chechnya, put the scarf on the head and everything decent? Yes, everyone knows what she is nicknamed Tweedledee on the project gave…

Eugene nice, beautiful girl, but the fact that it is not enough to be just beautiful, she wants to have a reputation as a decent, educated, successful… And where there is honesty, when all on view for the month with a few guys trying to build relationships? And about her attempts to learn a foreign language and speak funny – you should be ashamed that 31 basic words and phrases in English don’t know and not advertise it all around, went to teach him… Eugene, face it, you’re a simple girl from Kirov! Keep it simple and people will be attracted to you!”

In continuation of his words Rustam has recorded a video message for Genis. “Today is about the most beautiful girl of Moscow suburbs, – has begun the speech the legendary former participant of “House-2”. – Honey, you’re so beautiful that you fit the letters in “Field of dreams” to open, and you took all teach in their social networks and tell you what a wise and important. Why do you need? Clara Zakharovna – not exactly your way, it’s like with someone else’s rope steal trosani – you absolutely do not go. You’re different from our own, from the factory… I love you very much and please be yourself! Take off your clothes, forget the clothes and take pictures, take pictures! Please!”