Rustam Solntsev: “the voice of tori Karaseva suffocated all the bugs in the “House-2”

Рустам Солнцев: «От голоса Тори Карасевой передохли все клопы на «Доме-2» The showman says, where did his girlfriend. Rustam Solntsev shared his thoughts about what could happen with a friend, if she chose a different path. Also the man said he was ready to lend her a helping hand and to be close in this difficult time.
Рустам Солнцев: «От голоса Тори Карасевой передохли все клопы на «Доме-2»

The legendary ex-member of the main telestroke of the country “the House-2” Rustam Solntsev continues to expose colleagues within their headings in Instagram “Mamadorogaya”. This time his intense gaze fell on an old friend, a former participant of the project Victoria Karasev. Today, fans of the girl concerned about her sudden disappearance – recently registered in social networks Tory a month ago disappeared from them. Fans of the brunette are sure that this is the fault of her beloved Glory Dvorackova, which is rumored to be banned Karaseva to use the Internet. Many fear that Victoria will again disappear from their sight for a few years, as it was the last time the tories were restored to health after an incident in a Moscow restaurant: the girl ate the mussels and cut the esophagus shell. Rustam, as it turned out, among those who are opposed to the tories again gone underground.

“Tori, sweetheart, what’s going on? addressed Rustam a friend via my column “Mamadorogaya”. – Where you theproposals? It’s all over? Where all the joy you gave us? Where are all those outputs in the canopy, pearl shade, bags-samovyazy, Yugoslav and Polish boots lipstick? Where are you?

I miss you… I want your tender cries. Squabbles, fights, revelations – I need you. Your divine vocals, which suffocated not only all the bugs on the “Clearing” of the “House-2″, they suffocated all green with envy. Favorite tori, trust me, worrying age is not a reason to go into introspection and forget about a career and friends. You all love! Give me a call! Give me a call! Call me, for God’s sake!”

Sun hopes that by watching this video, the girl will come in touch with him, because today her phone is not available and there is no information where she may be. Only a close friend of the star telestroke assured “StarHit” that it is a country house with no Internet access.

“Maybe she needs my help? – says Rustam. – Then I’m willing to extend a hand, to lend a hand – no question! I feel sorry that such a beautiful, talented and bright girl like tori, doesn’t use her natural gifts have long been able to cobble together a fortune on advertising in Instagram or to marry a tycoon.”