Rustam Solntsev: “Samburski and Volatile, shake your bodies!”

Рустам Солнцев: «Самбурская и Летучая, трясите телесами, да побольше!» The showman spoke to the new host of “revizorro”. Rustam Solntsev wants to see Nastasya Samburski and Lena Flying in a more sexual role. He believes that both celebrities have an incredibly striking appearance.
Рустам Солнцев: «Самбурская и Летучая, трясите телесами, да побольше!»

Actress Nastassja Samburski has become one of the most important newsmakers of the week. First, it turned out that the star was married to a colleague, the young actor Cyril Gicevich and later scandalous the girl stunned fans with another news: now she’s the new leading one of the most popular programs on our TV show “Revizorro”. Nastasya Samburski officially married

The Network immediately sparked controversy, whether Nastasya become a worthy replacement of Fly Leno, the previous “owner” of the program. Admirers of the blonde sure Samburski not have enough self-control to respond to the attacks of the violators of order in the world of catering, and each program will inevitably result in scandal. But fans of Nastasia believe the opposite: her appearance in the show will make it even more popular and will force the owners of cafes and restaurants to pay more attention to what is happening in their schools.

Couldn’t pass up such a great news and Rustam Solntsev, accustomed in its category “Mamadorogaya” to describe colleagues.

“You all know that to swab toilets have become over the last years a very relevant topic television – began his video message of Rustam. – There is a presenter – she has some very big problems with charm. But she is very beautiful… So Lena went on “the First channel” with this very same topic. And on “Friday” it was replaced with Nastya Samburski, also a girl krasivoja, but Rugova maslanka. I do not know if it will work the girls to Express themselves in new projects… They would be in panties findaperson to do, that was saskarne. And your company a Danochka Borisov to make it with cotton swab on addiction treatment centers run. But Anastasia Volochkova let stores with cheap booze inspects – and no snacks. It will be funny! I love you guys! Hug!”

Apparently, Rustam unhappy in what areas manifest themselves Volatile and Samburski. Showman prefer to see them in a more sexual images than in white coats and gloves.

“I do believe that it is unbecoming for the girls to program – continues his thought Solntsev. – The toilets crawling with white gloves, to the toilet to sniff… Both that Flying, Samburski, blessed with such a bright appearance, and they don’t use it. Girls, while young, fresh, shake the body, but more – to look at it we will be much nicer than you in provincial hotels bed bugs under the mattress search”.