Rustam Solntsev quarreling with Lena Lena

Рустам Солнцев поскандалил с Леной Лениной Businesswoman did not like the idea of the legendary participant of “House-2”. The writer is offended that the man decided to include it in the list of the strangest representatives of the domestic show-business. During a meeting in the restaurant the restaurant “Nikola Tesla” sun told about the intention to make a vlog on this subject, but Lenin was outraged by the plans of man.

      Lena Lenin and Rustam Solntsev associate warm and friendly feelings. They have met on a talk show, where we discuss the most pressing issues. It seemed that a friendly relationship stars reigned idyll, but a recent case fell out of celebrities. The reason for the conflict was the desire of Rustam Solntseva to shoot a vlog in which he was going to talk about the “nasty aunts among the stars”. Shortly before the man decided to make a survey on the Network to select candidates by popular vote. Most readers of Rustam put in the first place the writer and socialite Lena Lenin due to her hairstyles.

      Lena Lenina and Prokhor Chaliapin entertained in the company of half-naked models

      According to Solntseva, subscribers are not satisfied with the hairstyle and outfits that selects entrepreneurs for publication. It is obvious that the man didn’t want to go against the rules and wanted to put Lenin in the first place in the list, but decided to pre-agree this moment with the writer. During their private meeting Lena harshly criticized the initiative of men. In her confession, she was greatly offended by a friend because I didn’t expect him to like. Leading star corporate was sure a friend of a showman renounce principles and will not publish the list. Lena loves the looks that she created by the stylists to go out.

      “So, what I know, I can even say that we’re friends. I told Lena the story. I said, “Honey, I love you, man, but against the truth I will not trample. How do you feel about that? Annoy all your hairstyles, your clothes and your kind of levity in the approach to the representation of Russia at the red carpet of the Cannes film festival and Oscar.” I was given the categorical answer is that if I do this, everything between us is over. Her response was cold and firm. I didn’t recognize his girlfriend, I do not understand why she reacted to the joke,” – said Rustam.

      Solntsev tried to justify it to Lena, saying that he admires her. Rustam asked Lena about this situation easier, but the writer was not satisfied with such a scenario. “Let’s burn, let’s make fun of them, in the end, this is ridiculous! I was told that no, it’s not funny and not interesting and that I can go do here,” said the showman. The man had no choice, so he left the restaurant, where he met with the entrepreneur.

      Obviously, Lena Lenina greatly annoyed by the incident. She spends a lot of time on creating the perfect image, even in jest are not ready to get on the list Solntseva. The woman was convinced that Rustam could not include it in your vlog, because it threatened their fellowship.

      “My hairstyles are the most professional hair stylists for the Cannes film festival and absolutely not suitable for release to the market in the Tomsk region. But consider me disgusted on this basis is to deny my long, diplomatic, polite, and hard work of the psychiatrist in the ward with the most severe patients of show business. I’m not only not repugnant, but rather, by definition a classic, “the lady pleasant in all respects”, – said the star.

      Note that Lena Lenin criticized the appearance of Rustam Solntsev. She believes that the man has no right to discuss the images and outfits. “He is not a role model either in hair or in clothing. These tracksuits of 90 times from the secondhand is just not even a decent make from a cardboard pantry homeless, and especially, to put on the air talk show!” noted socialite.

      I must say that after a falling out that occurred between friends at the restaurant, Rustam, however, published the list, saying the right thing. It is obvious that Lena Lenin disapproves of the outrageous antics of TV presenter.

      Both ex-boyfriend invited to close the fashion Week on the fashion show of fashion designer Catherine Romanova and by coincidence they have adjacent seats. To predict how they will behave in this situation, it is impossible.