Rustam Solntsev: “New elect Anna Sedokova too poor for her”

Рустам Солнцев: «Новый избранник Анны Седоковой слишком беден для нее» Pop diva came out of her new lover. Lover sexy star became the capital of the photographer Daniel Velichko – 35-year-old Anna Sedokova first came out with it in the light at the gala dinner of the channel MUZ-TV.

In the event the lovers do not depart from each other, touching, holding hands and constantly hugging. Participants noted that Anna and Daniel look great together and really suit each other. Fans also appreciated the choice of idol and I hope that the sequel to their favorite will be the imminent wedding. However, time will tell if the 29-year-old Velichko be the father of the three children of the singer from a previous relationship – 13-year-old Alina, 6-year-old Monica and year old son Hector.

Showman Rustam Solntsev, especially for the “StarHit” leading section “Mamadorogaya”, where weekly, speaks about the colleagues, could not leave without attention to a new novel Sedokova and dedicated to him his next treatment.

“One singer, Anna Sedokova wrote in social networks, they say, now I’m going to the supercar with the super friends are and superpoderosas from one superiorority, where I was handed superluminal superdevice. How happy I am, Oh! – began his video Rustam. – Anya, I’ll say this – actually superarray worthy Olya Buzova, and you superpolished quite another to give birth to children, and like super-rich men. Twist them they are super – well, you know what I’m talking about… But in General, I also really need superbank – help as brothers! With me supersociety!”

Rustam sure that despite the seeming idyll between Anne and Daniel, the couple will fail.

“It’s too simple and poor, says the sun. – Sedokova used to give birth from those who are richer to father her children then she was kept. With the second daughter Monica have succeeded, and father of Hector, businessman Artem Komarov – no. Although Anna really counted on him for financial support. So now is in search of new victims. And Dan can exhale – and this fate of his passes, didn’t get to Sedokova gave birth to him”.