Rustam Solntsev negatively about Egwene Feofilaktova

Рустам Солнцев негативно отозвался о Егвении Феофилактовой
More recently, Rustam Solntsev started in his microblog on the topic “Mamadorogaya”, where it discusses famous personalities.

Рустам Солнцев негативно отозвался о Егвении Феофилактовой

This time the choice fell on Rustam ex-contestant of the famous electroni Eugene Feofilaktova.

The girl divorced her husband Anton Gusev after 4.5 years of relationship and the birth of her son Daniel.

Рустам Солнцев негативно отозвался о Егвении Феофилактовой

“Of course she wants to show everyone that not one Anton after divorce happy, but she’s doing great – said the sun. But I do know that men are not. I Eugene that she poses that actually is. Went to Chechnya, put the scarf on the head and everything decent? Yes, everyone knows what she is nicknamed Tweedledee on the project gave…

Eugene nice, beautiful girl, but the fact that it is not enough to be just beautiful, she wants to have a reputation as a decent, educated, successful… And where there is honesty, when all on view for the month with a few guys trying to build relationships? And about her attempts to learn a foreign language and speak funny – you should be ashamed that 31 basic words and phrases in English don’t know and not advertise it all around, went to teach him… Eugene, face it, you’re a simple girl from Kirov! Keep it simple and people will be attracted to you!”

It was later revealed that the couples divorce took place because of the enthusiasm Guseva, another participant of the teleproject, Victoria romanet.

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