Rustam Solntsev: “Midget Glinnikov the place in the “House-2″”

Рустам Солнцев: «Лилипуту Глинникову самое место на «Доме-2»» The showman spoke to the actor. Rustam Solntsev and Ilya advised Glinnikov to go to another TV show. Besides, in the opinion of men, Kate soon finds a new mate, who do get married.

Fans of the actor Elijah Glinnikov in shock. Two months ago they were happy for the idol, who has finally found love. In the finale of “the Bachelor” star chose Catherine Nikulin, and a month in a media interview said that he intends to marry the girl and is even ready to marry her. But a few days ago, the Internet has leaked information indicating that in the life of Elijah and Catherine, may not so smooth. In the Network appeared rumors that Glinnikov hospitalized in the Institute name Sklifosovskogo after a fight with the bride, which happened on home soil. The girl allegedly came home late at night and was tipsy, on the grounds that between her and her waiting Ilya began a fight that resulted in assault. The news discouraged the public, including showman Rustam Solntsev, who was unable to get past the scandal and in my column “Mamadorogaya” commented on the behavior of the pair.

“I’ve learned that the growth of the actor Elijah Glinnikov, who participated with racearena show “the Bachelor” – 167 cm – began his video message to the fans Rustam. – Mine, for example, 187… I mean, here’s this giant the size of a rabbit built love with the models, and now he’s one of them live and say they are beating each other mercilessly, so much so that she screams, the neighbors hear and call the police… Ilya, maybe you in another show to go? On the same channel is a breathtaking show, there is just love people like you – young, who girls beating. You can go to you now there is the place!”

Also, Rustam admitted that the show “the Bachelor” as a whole makes him doubt. “Have you ever seen a couple who got married after the show? – says the sun. – That I have not seen. The program is an enormous success, it is clear that any weak actors and singers try to get in there to remind myself. I have one surprise is how long people will believe it all. It is clear that the hero the channel the contract that some time after the program, they support the visibility of the relationship, and then quarreled. That’s life. But the girls then successfully get married – of course, not for the characters of “the Bachelor” and other men. So I read do not worry – soon we all will see in a wedding dress and not accompanied by a midget Glinnikov, a normal male.”