Rustam Solntsev: “Karina Mishulina buries itself in the scandal with Timur Yeremeyev”

Рустам Солнцев: «Карина Мишулина сама себя закапывает в скандале с Тимуром Еремеевым» The showman spoke to the daughter of the famous artist. According to him, Kareena is behaving properly, as she has forgiven the alleged brother, and then continued to litigate against him.

About three months has been simmering scandal over alleged son of movie stars Spartaka Mishulina. At the end of last year, the young actor Timur Yeremeyev declared himself a relative of the celebrity, but the wife and daughter of Mishulina hostility of this information and refused to recognize the Eremeev family. Women believe that if Timur was the son Mishulina, that in life would have recognized it as such and introduced him to the wife and daughter. The young man passed a DNA examination, which showed that he really is the son of Spartak Vasilyevich, but after a while it became clear that the analysis was conducted with violations and the results can be considered reliable.

The results of the DNA test Timur Yeremeyev turned out to be false

Showman Rustam Solntsev, author and host exclusive headings “Mamadorogaya”, could not remain indifferent to the situation of Timur Eremeeva and Karina of Mishulin and spoke on this occasion.

“You know, Karina Mishulina, the daughter of the famous actor Spartaka Mishulina, were still quite repulsive by Babeshko, – says Rustam. – You all remember that at some point she allegedly accepted and adopted by this cute and talented guy, recognizing him as a brother and not forgetting to put in the social network nice photo with Timur. But time passed and now, back to the war. And test results reason was false and Karina for some reason not so good to Yeremeyev and stood in a pose. Maybe they think that the time has come to share good and then it suffered. But I tell you that my brother found native, for example, Phil Kirkorov, I was there for him every last give – cars, “periodnosti”, chewing gum “Turbo”, even the most expensive – Valdocco, my dog! Just smiled at my cat.”

Rustam sure Karina in vain so long in conflict with Yeremeyev. “Her who knew? Only for her role in “the Teacher” a little, – says Rustam. – And now the whole country will be remembered as an evil harpy who just shouts and swears. No expertise is necessary to understand: the little boy is the spitting image of Carlson. So Karina buries itself. Already friends with a gay, besides, I heard, for the money, he does not claim. Then what is she doing? Don’t understand…”