Rustam Solntsev: “Juju was fired from “House-2” for the whims and sex»

Рустам Солнцев: «Жужу уволили из «Дома-2» за капризы и секс» A couple of weeks ago it became known that Kate Susan resigned as anchor of reality. The reason for the decision the girl is not announced, but reliable sources, reporters learned that the girl had the man not satisfied with permanent road favorite (Susan was often at the site of the project in the Seychelles), and he asked her to resign that she did.

The showman Rustam Solntseva – his view of the situation, as he unashamedly spoke in his regular column “Mamadorogaya,” which leads to “StarHit”.

“Most recently, Susan… No, not a character in the stories of Chekhov, and former presenter of the TV project “Dom-2”, proudly rolled out their bouncy melons, said that she is leaving after the TV show, love found, like, some man is worthy found, – says Rustam. – And all of these – wow! This is it! Legendary action – left, left domovska nishtyaki and replaced them with the sacred – the family. But there it was…»

“Men at the forge and the women at the mill GUTOR supposedly lied to Susan, vulgar lied. Fired her for a stupid woman’s whims. The presenter with the looks of a porn model, not be half of the alphabet was useless. Susan, you’re home, in Bibirevo? Love you! Hugged…»

Rustam also said that for the dismissal of Catherine affected her relationship with ex-girlfriend Ksenia Borodina and her friends – company code-named “Washerwoman.” In his opinion, after Ksenia and Katya stopped talking, grew cold to her and the management of “House-2”.

“But that’s not all, – continues Rustam. – On the project there are persistent rumors that Kate “was Cigalas” in the Seychelles with one of the participants, which, by itself, for the reputation of the presenter is not very beneficial. What is project management? All the girls are decent – Borodina Buzova, Orlova… And then Kate with such antics. That’s flooded her, and she, of course, had no choice but to present all of this as a voluntary exit. But only sewed something in the bag, word is spreading…»

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