Рустам Солнцев ужаснул снимками после операции The man decided on blepharoplasty. Rustam Solntsev asked the surgeon to make your eyes look more open. Now the showman waiting for the swelling subsides, to fully appreciate the work of the doctor.
Рустам Солнцев ужаснул снимками после операции

The desire to improve your appearance is inherent not only to women but also men. Showman Rustam Solntsev has the courage to go under the surgeon’s knife to get rid of the shortcomings. He noticed that his eyes ceased to be open, and therefore decided to refer to specialists and to remove the excess skin of the eyelids.

“I had blepharoplasty. Girlfriend Oksana advised such a procedure. I wanted to appeal to the Nut Babayan, but he was on vacation. And I needed to make quickly, so I went to Alexander Vdovin, known as Dr. Alex, – said the “StarHit” Rustam. Usually this operation is recommended when the upper eyelids are closed by folds of the skin, look heavy, sad. Even when I had fun, everyone was asking why I grieve. So I got rid of the sad look”.
Рустам Солнцев ужаснул снимками после операции

Rustam admitted that immediately after surgery he began to regret what I did. However, when the pain subsided, the man realized that he had done the right thing and suffering was worth it. Now he waits for the swelling to completely subside in order to evaluate the result of surgical intervention.

“My friends didn’t. Now some time I need to be alone, but I hope that before my trip to the Caribbean it’ll be all right, – said the sun. – Well, the first day, of course, was in pain. I even scolded myself, “Why I need this, I hate myself”. But the next day when I began to turn in the Chukchi boy, I already felt funny”.

Rustam Solntsev said that he did not intend to abuse the surgery. He seeks to preserve the natural beauty. “Such surgery costs about 70 thousand roubles, – said the showman. – I was only doing the nose and all. Even any shots of the face”.

Not so long ago the man decided to help the mother to look young. He found her a surgeon, whom I trust. Rustam Solntsev has invested in plastic surgery for moms

“He’ll clip the tip of the nose – this operation will help the mother to look younger, because the overhanging lip nose at any age adds to a woman’s years. The nose is known to grow life and falls – this is a very old face,” – said Rustam before the operation.